Split The Difference | Split the Difference – Walking for Men & Boys in Edinburgh
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Split the Difference – Walking for Men & Boys in Edinburgh

Split the Difference – Walking for Men & Boys in Edinburgh


December 12


02:00 pm - 05:00 pm

Click to Register: Click to Register

Split the Difference CIC

Website: Organizer's Website

Edinburgh Castle

Castlehill, Edinburgh, EH1 2NG

Edinburgh, Edinburgh, GB, EH1 2NG

For the men and boys we love ‘BOOK A TICKET’ and MARCH give them EQUALITY in family courts, education, mental health, share gender respect..

We are so happy to have our Edinburgh march hosted by Gender Parity UK whose members are supporting the event by welcoming us and working with us to raise donations for a local men’s support group.

For sons, dads, granddads, brothers, uncles, best friends, they do not have the same equal rights as women and girls – this is a fact.

You can make a difference – Book your ticket while you contemplate:

  • Current figures for men experiencing domestic abuse is 786,000 no money spent on men equal to the services available to women , men are locked out of consultation processes through the government, are not included in legislation, guidance, strategies, housing and more in relation to this. We know this is one of the reasons for high suicide
  • Boys are failing in education to the point where ESTYN inspectors have told us for boys education is currently at crises
  • Two out of three suicides in the UK are men (for your info this is a world wide crises, every single country in the whole world has men at higher rates than women but no services)
  • 20% higher University drop outs in boys, (for your information every university has a female support department but even though it is boys who are dropping out, no male support department)
  • Family court and its surrounding services have policy designed to support women and children but not men
  • UK health screening is available for female clinical issues, i.e. breast cancer, ovarian cancer (for your information in 2017, because of the screening program cervical cancer diagnosis in women was only 3100. There is no screening for men in the UK, there was 47,450 diagnosis of prostrate cancer, that’s 130 men per day)
  • Housing – currently in the UK if a couple divorce with children it is extremely hard for a man to get co-parenting through the courts, the process favours women. In terms of rented accommodation he usually is the partner to leave the home. to get co-parenting he has to prove he has safe accommodation, to qualify for social housing or claim any rent support for a suitable home to co parent in impossible because housing will not recognise need when the children have a home with one parenting – so many barriers to being a dad.
  • The list of inequality for men is pages long, we will through media begin showing the stark differences for men and boys through the campaign
  • If a boy and girl ends up in court for the same offense, the boy is more likely to go to prison. (there are alternatives to prison schemes and funding available to prevent women reoffending for crimes like domestic abuse but no funding for men)
  • So examples of influencing leaders we have UN Women, no UN Men, we have a UK commissioner for women and girls, but no commissioner for men and boys.
  • Men and boys under current UK laws and community management systems are set up to fail…

Come with us, march, book a ticket, London was a real balanced positive march with some amazing people – join us? If you need to make enquiries before booking your ticket, please ask, men and boys need you?

Men and Women live in society – governments should serve both genders equally, shouldn’t they?

Ladies have you booked your ticket – how can we ask for equality when factually, evidentially our men have less than we do?



Please look at our media below, we ask you to join us all in buying a T-Shirt for the march. We make no money from this, the £13 covers the cost of the T-shirt and postage. The T-shirt is a statement of us as united voices.

Date 12th December 2020

Assembly point Edinburgh Castle, Castlehill, Edinburgh, EH1 2NG

Assembly Time – 13:30 hrs

Procession start time – 14:00 hrs

Procession end time – 15:00 at Scottish Parliament Building, Edinburgh, EH99 1SP

End of March 16:30 hrs

The ticket is donation, but we ask you to consider buying a Split the Difference T-Shirt, to wear on the day, they unit us in the media (take a look at our London march).

If you are a woman we provide you with Looking out for Him

If you are a man we provide you with Looking out for Her

Examples can be seen in our photos attached.

For organisations we encourage you to bring banners with your organisations details, please email us to discuss this.


Here is some more information:

The march is men, their friends and families, if you are one, we are here to march with you.

Ladies walk beside the men in your life or come because you know its the right thing to do.

Individuals, professionals and organisations raising awareness on the inequality of choice and opportunity for men and boys.

Fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, uncles, best friends, colleagues, they have a right to contribute to the formulation of services and a right to access what they need, we cant let this go on any more.

Some of the areas that profoundly neglect the rights of men are evidenced in Health – Court Processes – Education – Domestic Abuse – Suicide – Homelessness, the list is endless, the evidence clear.

Join us, its time to stand up and support change for them, it is their right to thrive and be respected, just as we expect for our ladies. After all, how can we as women ask for equality if we are not willing to stand beside our men and ask for them as well.

We create our own media, but for this publication we were also gifted media from attendees who marched with us in London for our photos of under 18 year olds;

Commendation to Simon Boughton and Katja Stiller our photographers for this shoot.

Our Young Models: Bethan, Istyn Eleri, Reuben, Idris, Davis, Ruby, Noah, San, Iolo

Mum: Idania