Split The Difference releases a suicide campaign for Men, Why it’s important to talk and be supportive

Sunday 5th September 2021.


Key Details:

  • Split The Difference is a unique not-for-profit organisation focusing on supporting men and boys worldwide.
  • Our work is based on over five years of international research showing men and boys don’t have the same support as women and girls.
  • At the moment, we’re focusing on male suicide prevention, with 191 out of 195 countries in the world holding a higher rate of suicide for men and boys compared to women and girls.
  • Research also tells us men and boys often choose far more brutal methods to end their lives. This strengthens our desire to make a difference.
  • Over the next three months, on September 10, October 10, and November 10, we’re holding events to raise funds for future endeavours – the main one being the creation of a mobile suicide preventative app.
  • From September 10 2021, which is International Suicide Prevention Day, we will begin uploading exclusive interviews, with those who hold the topic of suicide close to their hearts, onto our Instagram page and other social media platforms.
  • On October 10, we will be holding a professional online conference titled “Male suicide, pathways out of pain”.
  • On November 10, World Mental Health Day, we’re holding a whole family event celebrating fathers and family. We will be encouraging local performers and businesses to get involved
  • We’ve labelled our campaign with the title, ‘An Hour of Your Time’, as we’d encourage people to give up an hour’s wage to support this.
  • There is no funding available for men and boys, to raise awareness and build funds for us to be able to create a world wide media campaign and to build a therapeutic, preventative suicide app we are asking people and businesses to support us and help us by holding fundraising activities, or simply raising awareness of what we’re trying to achieve.

Our website, which has more information about Split The Difference on the whole, can be found here: https://split-the-difference.com/.

Statement from Split The Difference:

We’re launching a campaign called ‘An Hour of Your Time’, kindly asking people and businesses to donate an hour of their wage or profit to support our work, and ultimately boost male suicide prevention. On September 10, October 10, and November 10, we’re holding events to raise funds, and we want you to play your part by either attending, donating, or both.

We will focus a large proportion of our preventative message in promoting a narrative designed to enable men to open up in a safe unchallenging way.

On September 10, International Suicide Day, we will begin uploading exclusive interviews, with those who hold the topic of suicide close to their hearts, Instagram will be a constant source of sharing @splitthedifference_equally.

On October 10, we’re holding an online conference titled Male suicide pathways out of pain. Professionals from all over the world will present a range of discussions on the lack of understanding, the reasons why the figures are massively higher for men and boys and explore why no focus has been made on their needs. 

Interviews with both survivors and those who helped prevent an act of suicide. Deepening the knowledge of those watching sharing how we all matter, all make a difference, promoting life – Exploring also what’s next, the inequalities for men and boys and what needs to change to enable pathways into equality and support.

We are genuine in our work, we ask communities to help, there is no funding for men and boys, no focus on their needs that empathise or respect them, or treat them equally.  If you can support Split The Difference in any way, we, and most importantly millions of men and boys around the world, will be eternally grateful. You can find out more information on our website: https://split-the-difference.com/.

Statement from Split The Difference:

“As CEO, I have found the evidence and suicide statistics so abhorrent that it has motivated me to seek ways to prevent this from continuing. We want to raise awareness and give societies a safe narrative that says, ‘I am struggling’.

“There are many reasons men and boys contemplate suicide: shame, fear, isolation; it can even be they genuinely feel no one would miss them if they passed away. For many, it is they have carried emotional and mental trauma for too long.

“Over the last 12 months, I have been working with a range of different therapists, including psychotherapists, psychologists, and trauma therapists, to explore how therapeutic technics can be transferred into technology, providing those contemplating suicide with alternative choices.

“We have also been looking at developing a wellbeing app for children that will aid them in creating their own mental and emotional safe space, again in consultation with highly qualified professionals. This will be centred around a ‘hope and cope’ narrative.

“We are asking men, women, and businesses to help raise funds by donating one hour of their income or holding fund. This will enable Split The Difference to progress, raise awareness in leadership, services, and families, and develop what we know will be effective, preventative digital applications.”

Statement from Split The Difference:

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Research into 15 countries legislative governance, the guidance, fiscal spending and equality for men and boys.  In the UK evaluating and cross reference 21 acts of law, comparing men and women’s pathways in and out of services.

The result of this was the identification of 13 areas that were common denominators and contributors to the heightened suicide rates for men and boys internationally.  https://split-the-difference.com/campaign/

Contact Details


 CEO – Sally-Anne Milton

Tel: 0300 302 1560

Mobile: 07574067571