Split the Difference releases a parliamentary petition asking for equality for men and boys



Press Release – 25/09/20


UK Parliamentary petition, review legislation, policy and strategy for equality for men and boys ( https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/331312 )


Men and boys are being locked out of desperately needed services in the UK and all UN member states, resulting in premature death, homelessness and major mental health issues.


Split the Difference a project that has made its mission to support men and boys in receiving equal rights to women and girls, has successfully opened its first parliamentary petition requesting that UK government review all its legislation, policy and strategies to include men and boys.


The organisations lead Sally-Anne Burris said: “We cannot continue to ignore facts and evidence that has been screaming at our leaders for decades. “While women and girls have become privileged by government spending that consistently focuses on their needs, our men and boys are having their basic needs trampled over and ignored.”


Split the Difference has spent the last 5 years carrying out national and international research that has shown a deep-rooted inequality for men and boys in the United Nations member states.

In their research they have identified 13 areas that are common denominators in breaking human rights and equality laws by not supporting men and boys equally to women and girls.


On July 1st 2020 a formal request was made to the UN management committees that they support an international campaign to hold countries to account, requesting they review all their legislation, policies and strategic planning to include men and boys or be gender neutral.


Sally-Anne says: “In every single country across the world the suicide rates for men and boys some younger than 10 is higher than women and girls. “In some countries the ratio is as high as 5 out of 6. “This one single fact alone is telling the UN that our men and boys are in crises and that ignoring their needs has no place in humanity.”


Split the difference is currently working with other UN countries to set up management committees who will assist in petitioning their own governments.


Editors Notes:


Split the difference is an organisation designed to raise awareness on the inequality of men and boys within services that required to include them equally but are failing to do that.

On 1 July they launched their campaign by sending every country in the United Nations headquarters and individual signed letter requesting that all UN countries review their legislation, policy and strategies including fiscal spending. Letters were also sent to the 15 observer agency situated within the United Nations and key influences.


Split the Difference is currently working with other countries to set up management committees who will also support the campaign within their own country.


Using statistical, fact-based evidence and reporting on the issues that men and boys are facing internationally, Split the Difference intends to maintain a consistent approach until governments begin to facilitate change.


The basis of this campaign is five years of research that is shown governments have placed women girls into such a privileged position that they are now actively excluding men and boys from fundamental representative positions, for example the United Nations itself hosts an organisation called UN Women.


This female lead organisation covers every single country across the world, it influences leadership, legislation, policy, strategic planning and fiscal spending. It enables women to have clear defined pathways, in consultation and assessment of women’s needs in all areas, for example health, education, leadership and management, conflict, natural disaster, sustainability and every other area where frontline services and inclusion are present.


While women’s needs are rightly served within the United Nations promotion of human and equality men and boys are disabled from the same voice the same influences.


The UN and all member states should by their very nature never allow themselves to be in a position where they can be challenged in areas of equality and human rights. While formulating UN Women they did not implement the voice of men and boys by providing a similar platform i.e. UN Men.


In all areas of equality there are promoted within the United Nations world celebration days for example women and girls are consistently represented their needs and achievements promoted extensively, this is not the same for men and boys.


It is easy to verify the climate for men and boys simply by visiting the United Nations media and website.  The UN’s representation of equality and its multitude of pages and information focuses only on women and girls, a prime example of the exclusive nature of the United Nations directives.


Split the Difference holds the belief that in all situations, equality is situated in the right to have a voice, to participate in consultation and to be able to make choices.  Currently because of the way governments and the systems within them have been set up choices no longer available for men and boys.