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London March For Men – 12/09/2020

London March For Men – 12/09/2020 Men and women from all over the UK march for equality for men and boys in services that was held on 12th September 2020 in London.

Parliamentary Petition

Parliamentary Petition Petition: Equality – Review all law, policy and strategy to meet the needs of men and boys.

A Minister for Men

A Minister for Men Did you know there is a Minister for Women and Girls, but not for Men and Boys? Men and Boys have the highest rates of suicide and homelessness. They have the highest numbers failing in education. They have no automatic health screening programmes as women do….

An hour of your time

An hour of your time When a family member attempts suicide, it affects every single person.  The emotions experienced by each can be shock, fear, anger, guilt, anxiety, betrayal and more.  It can also give the family an increased risk of others attempting or completing suicide. Our CEO Sally-Anne Burris

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