Press Release 02/07/2020


Press Release 02/07/20

The launch of the Split the Difference campaign for men and boys.
Split the difference has released its campaign to support men and boys asking all 195 United Nations member states to review their policies and strategies to be fully inclusive of men and boys.
The themes of the campaign will be ‘did you know’ and ‘show me’. It is the end result of nearly 5 years research which looked at services that were or were not available to men and boys in over approximately 20 different countries.
From the research 13 common areas were found that contributed to disabling men and boys from accessing the same services and receiving the same support as women and girls.
Part of the campaign’s aim is to repeat the last five years in a public forum using journalism and other forms of media to generate knowledge and conversation within all areas of society. Over the next six months the campaign will also begin working with charities and individuals situated within the member state countries assisting them in raising awareness of the needs of men and boys.
On the 1st July 2020 the release of the campaign was marked by 195 UN member leads receiving written notification at the UN head office in New York. On the same day 195 news agencies within each country received an email notifying them of the campaign alongside heads of state within all countries where access and communication was possible.
The aim of the campaign is to highlight the deep-rooted inequalities for men and boys within services and we intend to work tirelessly to ensure they have the same opportunities and choices within acts of law governance and strategies as women and girls.
Split the difference CEO Sally-Anne Burris says: “With the much needed progression of equality for women and girls, governments have lost or detached themselves from the simple fact that they also serve men and boys. “In all the governmental strategies that we explored over the last five years not one single one of those strategies equally supported men and boys.
“In each culture there is and always will be competition between the genders but within governments who are designed by their very nature to support all within their communities there is no place for women and girls or men and boys to be excluded from their governance.
“Split the Difference intends to work to highlight the issues the inequality has for men and boys, we will not stop until governments, charities, businesses and individuals who work within each country understand the impact on men and boys when they are not supported or given the ability to access services that support their needs.
“Where it is evidence we will also work with the same energy to support women and girls who do not have equality in the environment they live.
“Where society holds one man who is experiencing domestic abuse or one man who has taken his own life or one man who is homeless, or lost his right to parent, or failed in education, governments are required to provide them with services equally to women and girls.
“Gender is not a requirement for equality, it is not a requirement to feel safe or to thrive therefore there is no argument to create management processes that don’t include all genders or become gender neutral. We have made a formal request to all the United Nations to review and make changes to ensure equal rights for both genders.”

End Note to editor
The campaign will systematically use media in all its forms to raise awareness we intend to do that by using journalism, documentary, storytelling, social media etc. We are looking for sponsors who have a social conscience and who understand what it means to have equality.
Our target audience is professionals who have the ability to influence change including in how they deliver their specific role or services. We are also targeting general public, individuals, families and young people with the hope to raise awareness.
The research we have done not only covers acts of law and governance community-based strategies business strategies we also looked at the narrative within each community. We looked at the things that impact on men and boys having the same ability to feel respected and cared for within their families and their communities because of this we will be using storytelling.
We hold the premise, the core values of reporting on ‘what the public need to know’. We intend to base all our media on honesty, statistical evidence and verifiable sources.
The campaign is inclusive it is not designed to discriminate or marginalise any gender where there’s a need for equality in the services within each country. The campaign is attempting to be self-sufficient financially opening a small shop to sell products to pay for journalists and essential staff team members. We have also set up a fund me page with the hope of attracting large corporate businesses who understand the benefits of equality and are willing to support us as part of their social values.
For contact details please email
We will respond within 24-hour’s please note we are very mindful that this is an international campaign and respect the time differences and people’s work patterns, if you would like us to contact you please ensure you include your time zone and we will endeavour to contact you within a reasonable time.