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Split The Difference

  • A Minster for men

    A Minster for men

    Did you know there is a Minister for Women and girls, but not for men and boys they are the highest suicide victims, the highest homeless, the highest numbers failing in education, have no automatic health screening programs as women do and yet they have no minister who can be their representative, who can say, remember we are here and need to be heard...Please sign and send, by hand, post or email.
  • Lee Marks and Josh Munro - Vox Pop

    Lee Marks and Josh Munro - Vox Pop

    Lee and Josh are men who have, personal and professional experience in the trauma of domestic abuse, both are passionate about having equality for men and boys and reflect on why marching beside other groups who are trying to support men matters.
  • Corin says: we need equality

    Corin says: we need equality

    Corin says: 'It needs to be far more equal, men and women cant keep having this gender war'. The march in London for men and boys on September 12th brought individuals and organisations from all over the UK. Corin a student from Scotland says: "Men and women do not hate each other, we compliment each other."
  •  Belinda Brown video

    Belinda Brown video

    Belinda Brown Author of 'The Private Revolution' and a number of well-cited academic papers also author at Conservative Women says: "I feel like feminism is this lie that has been causing massive problems in society for a very long time."